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URL: since its launch has been growing tremendously and with a huge infrastructure setup, willingness to grow, commitment towards customer satisfaction, it is bound to become one of the largest player in this field. In just 3 months of its launch, it has already crossed volume of 10 million per month. With a start up reselling other’s solutions, now it is directly associated with operators and all the development has been mutually beneficial. By now this has been the speediest growth by any organisation involved in SMS solutions.Various developments and utilities along with in house development team of 20 qualified professionals provide a niche to It has 3 offices in Delhi covering more than 10,000 square feet and state of the art data management facilities. Technologically, is working as per global standards. Its SMPP server is SMPP Protocol 3.4 compliant. can receive SMS through SMPP, HTTP, web interface and XL Studio. The submission capacity of is 250 SMS/sec which is scalable as per future requirements. Since last 3 months, uptime had been 99%. which is higher than any other provider. For further information,mail us at : info@bulksmsindia.mobior call on :+91-9810352129mail us at : sales@bulksmsindia.mobior call on :+91-9810352129, +91-9811932053